Since I don’t know when I have always loved Zoos … and then I got to finding History of Past Zoos and Animal Collections … If you know of any old Zoos let me know and I will research them and possibly do a Blog post for you and of course the Website … Also look us up on Facebook details on the Website as there are many more Old Zoos written about by me ..

Coventry Zoo Park , Whitley Common , Coventry , Warwickshire (1966-1979)

This establishment was first muted as a possibility when representatives of Chipperfields Circus met up with the Coventry Council Parks and Allotment Committee back on 15th May 1963 … On that day 6 sites in Coventry were visited and within days 2 possible sites had been selected … Neither site was disclosed at the time … Continue reading Coventry Zoo Park , Whitley Common , Coventry , Warwickshire (1966-1979)


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