Margate , Grand Hall By the Sea Menagerie

This Menagerie / Zoo stood on the site of where  Dreamland  eventually went …It was owned by the Legendary  Circus man Lord George Sanger and ran as a Menagerie from 1874 to 1905  … Sanger died in 1911 so I assume the menagerie was private between 1905 and his death date in 1911 … It was reopened as a Zoo / Menagerie in 1913 ….. and in 1918 it was brought by John Henry Iles (who went on to also own Belle Vue Gardens Zoo and Amusement Park in Manchester) ..Iles renamed the site as Dreamland  picture here from 1920dreamland

The Menagerie was closed down in 1933  .. With Iles concentrating on the place as an Amusement Park … However in 1938 Iles was made bankrupt and Dreamland changed hands again…

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