Kursaal Zoo, Southend , Essex

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This establishment was begun in 1916 by an American named Clifton Jay Morehouse … it was on a 4 acre plot … the collection was arranged with , yet again , Garrard Tyrwhitt Drake from Cobtree Maidstone Kent (which in itself was strange because it was during World War one that Tyrwhitt Drake had closed his Maidstone Zoo at Torvill Court in 1914 due to the start of World War one ) … the collection numbered over 100 animals … Dingo, Wolf , Zebra , Sheep , Wallaby , Birds , Porcupine ,Tigers, Brown Bear , Hyenas , Lions , Monkeys and Raccoon and some reports state a Polar Bear ….The date of opening was 10th June 1916 … Mr Morehouse died in 1920 aged 60 and his son David De Forrest Morehouse took over the running of the Establishment … the Zoo was not without its controversies in 1928 it was reported that 20 of the 500 Monkeys (yes 500) escaped and it took 3 days to recapture them .. there was also an incident in 1939 of a Lion Tamer being mauled by 2 Lions just a week after being attacked by a Tiger at the zoo …… David De Forrest Morehouse passed away in 1935 and a board of Trustees took over on behalf of Davids son Clifton Jay Morehouse (the 2nd)…
Unfortunately , the end of the Zoo came when World War 2 began in 1939 … A government directive had been given to Zoos to suitably deal with the Dangerous Wild Animals should a Bomb hit the Zoo and the animals could have escaped …. The keepers were extremely saddened to have to shoot most of the Animals
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