St Catherines Island Zoo .. Tenby

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This establishment on 2 1/2 acres was begun in 1968 by Mr and Mrs Batt ( now gone on to form Silent Zoo) who sold it to Mr and Mrs Thoday in approx 1974 and the last owners were Mr and Mrs Perry who took over in approx 1976 and the Zoo closed its doors in approx 1978 (although Mrs Perry left the premises before its closure)
Under the first owners there were amongst others Monkeys, A tree Shrew, Genets , Kinkajous Skunk , Mongoose , Raccoons , Civets and Coatis … The Zoo was as the name suggests on an island and the animals were within the Fort on the Island ….. By 1977 the zoo had grown to over 100 animals
For information on Zoos both existing and old ones join this facebook page
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