Kennards Menagerie , Croydon . London


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Kennards Menagerie , Croydon .. London … This Menagerie was open from approx 1930 until the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 …Kennards was a department store started by William Kennard in 1853 …When William passed away in 1887 his sons William and Arthur took over and the store became Kennard Brothers … by 1926 a company called The Drapery Trust purchased Kennards but kept the name Kennards .. by 1928 Debenhams aquired The Drapery Trust but kept the name Kennards right up until the early 1970’s ..
Right so enough about the history of Kennards … The Menagerie had the following collection Originally hosted some monkeys, a camel, a peacock, some birds and other small animals. This attracted lots of children with their parents, so they decided to expand the zoo further with more exotic animals. In 1930 two lions were introduced, along with a Hyena and a porcupine. Later these were joined by a temporary exhibition of cheetahs ….
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