Chapmans Zoo and Circus

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Chapmans Animal Dealers / Circus , Zoo and Museum (?)… Chapmans was established in either 1922 or 1923 (the business seemingly having been purchased from John Hamlyn naturalist and Animal dealer who passed away in 1922) This 1924 advert shows that George Bruce Chapman (1885-1935) ran his main office / shop from 17 Tottenham Court Road London W1 … It states 2 telephone numbers one being for the “Museum” … there is also an address for an Animal Depot at 11 High Street Barnet …. Having checked on both property addresses today it is evident that both have been rebuilt in the 95 years since the advert …. 17 Tottenham Court Road is now glass fronted retail premises and 11 High Street Barnet is a large charity shop … The business moved from number 17 to Number 24 Tottenham Court Road…
Chapmans Circus began in 1928 and as Mr Chapman knew nothing about Circuses Fossetts were assisting.
On 28th March 1934 Mr Chapman was a partner in the newly formed Belfast Zoo …. Upon Mr Chapmans death in 1935 it was thought that the Animal Dealing Business , 2 Travelling Circuses and other related businesses would fold … but his younger sister Ada Mary Chapman (1880-1965) stepped into the breach and ran all the businesses successfully … and successful she was … and then in March 1940 due to the slump in circus activity since the start of World War 2 there was an auction of the circus and many of the Circus animals …. Ada could not bear to be parted from her Elephants and purchased them at the auction…Also present at the auction were many other Zoos and Private collectors … Bears , Hyenas, Tigers and Penguins were amongst some of the animals sold at auction …. The animals that were not sold moved with Ada Chapman (and some of her Circus Workers) to a village called Suckley in Worcester … sadly one of the Elephants pictured died in December 1941 …. In 1942 the animals and Ada Chapman moved to Tack Farm , Bromyard , Herefordshire … Ada Chapman passed away in 1965 …
I am unsure as to when the Chapman family involvement with Belfast Zoo ended (possibly 1960’s) but will research further
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