Bridgemere Wildlife Park , Near Nantwich , Cheshire

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This establishment was set up in 1972 by Joe (Joseph) Noden (some Zoo books of the 1970’s wrongly called him Norden ) …Anyway when he first set up the Park he began it as a Waterfowl and exotic bird park at Bridgemere Hall on 35 acres …. By 1976 a few European Mammals had been added ,,, By 1978 the guide shows Llama , Lynx , Leopard Cats , Artic Fox , Puma , Indian Civet , Wallaby , De Brazza Monkey , Raccoon and Deer … As well as the Birds … The 1981 guide show a Tiger on the front cover
Bridgemere Hall was in the Noden family until 1989 … I am unsure as to whether the Wildlife Park remained in the family ownership until its closure in 1992 ….. Joe Noden passed away in February 1995 and his address on his death certificate was Bridgemere Hall Cottages
The guide shown is from 1978 .. I will add the Wildlife Park map layout over the next couple of days
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