Alfred Ezra (1872 -1955)

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Mr Ezra was born in India and moved to England in 1912 … he purchased Foxwarren Park , Nr Cobham Surrey in 1919 … By 1920 he had amassed an amazing collection of rare birds … many came from India as his brother David ran a private Zoo there and help supply him with his animals and birds … Mr Ezra also presented a Tiger from India to London Zoo in 1933 …. Mr Ezra also kept mammals such as Wallabies, Deer and Llamas on his estate .. In 1940 his home was commandeered for the War Effort … From 1920 to 1940 his Private Zoo was amongst the finest in the world..
He was President of the Avicultural Society and a prominent member of Zoological Society of London … Mr Ezra passed away at Foxwarren Park in 1955
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