Bernard Tucker (1901-1950) , Zoology Lecturer and Ornithologist


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Mr Tucker was born in Northaw , Hertfordshire ….At the age of 16 he was a subscriber to the Hamlyns Menagerie Magazine living at Chewton House , Chewton Mendip , Bath . Somerset … He was a keeper of snakes and Reptilia ….at the tender ago of 13 he donated a Brazilian Tortoise, a Spanish Terrapin and a Scorpion Mud Turtle (as written about by Clinton Keeling i a “Short History of Reptile Keeping ) at that time Mr Tucker lived in Harrow ( Harrow school) just a few months later he was donating 2 radiated tortoises , a rough terrapin and 3 more scorpion mud turtles on behalf of Lord Chewton….Mr Tucker was also an authority on Birds and he became Vice Chairman of the British trust for Ornithology and founded the Oxford Ornithological Society in 1921 … He worked in the Zoology Departments of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford …
In 1965 a book about his life was published called ” Enjoying Ornithology” by David Lack
Rather randomly Mr Tucker dissected the head of the last Thylacine that passed away in London Zoo in 1931 the head and notes are said to still be held at Oxfords University Museum
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