Recommended Zoo Books

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The Bartlett Society have available these 2 books via their website …
I can personally vouch for both books as I have obtained and read both from cover to cover … Clinton Keeling wrote many books during his life time devotion to Zoos and the “Where the Lions Trod ” is a fine example of his work … in fact every book of his that I have read has been excellent reading C H Keeling book is much cheaper for those that join the Society …
Russell Tofts fantastic book “Animals in the Blood The Ken Smith Story ” tells the story of Ken Smith … as an ex resident of Exmouth in Devon (where Mr Smith had one of his Zoos) I just had to get this book and was not disappointed it details his varied life and work in many Zoos across the country ..
Get them whilst they are still available !!
For information on Zoos both existing and old ones join this facebook page
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