Walter Ambrose Harding (1870-1942)

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In 1899 Mr Harding purchased Histon Manor , Cambridgeshire… He was a fellow of the Linnean Society and of the Zoological Society (also a subscriber to Hamlyns Menagerie Magazine) and within the grounds of his manor he had a Private Zoo Collection … frequently he would travel the world for Zoological research and upon his return he would always bring back animals for his collection …. All I can glean from researching so far is that he had Exotic Birds , Lemurs and other small mammals … In 1927 his father passed away and Walter inherited Madingley Hall which was approximately 9 miles from his Histon home .. Walter had a daughter Rosamond born in 1898 and through private tutorship paid for by her wealthy father she was an academic in Music (piano ) her parents both died in 1942 … Rosamond continued to live at Madingley Hall for a further 6 years after her parents death  although the house was held in trust for the family … The trustees decided to sell the estate to Cambridge University who still own and run the Estate now … Rosamond went onto fame …. mainly after her death from her writings …
I do not know what became of the Animal Collection after the death of Walter Harding
1st image shows Histon Manor and the 2nd shows Madingley hall
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