Banham Zoo , Norfolk

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This will be my first attempt at the History of an existing Growing Well loved Zoo … Grove Farm was initially just that a farm bought by a retired baker , Harold Goymour, when he retired in 1952 … The farm sold fruit to Customers and had aviaries …. Over the years the farm received offers from people to take their unwanted exotic animals (Wolves , Dingos and a Himalayan Bear) .. Hence this was how Banham Zoo began in February 1968 when the first fee was paid to enter the premises … In 1970 Geoffrey Schomberg wrote in his Guide to British Zoos that Banham Zoo was on 4 acres open on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer and Sunday afternoons during the winter … Mr Schomberg goes on to say that it cannot be classed as a zoo but it was a novel way to get customers who were buying fruit to look at the zoo … it was reported in this book that the collection was Monkeys and an aviary …
In 1976 in another of Mr Schombergs books Banham Zoo and Woolly Monkey Sanctuary was detailed to have 20 acres … The Zoo animal collection had grown to quite a collection …. The Woolly Monkeys were introduced in 1971 by the then Zoo Manager Herbert Dornbrack who remained at Banham until approx 1978 …
Banham zoo under the Directorship of Martin Goymour thrived over the years from a 4 acre zoo to what it is today …. The Zoo is now run by the Zoological Society of East Anglia who also run Africa Alive … Both establishments are well worth viewing
For information on Zoos both existing and old ones join this facebook page
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