Sir John Bland-Sutton (1855-1936)

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Sir John was a British Surgeon who studied at Middlesex Hospital …. In 1881 he was listed as a Prosector for Zoological Society of London … Having looked this up he basically did postmortems on Dead animals …. his main line of work was Human Surgery too and he was a prominent surgeon in Pelvic Operations on women … he was knighted in 1912 and was President of the Royal Society of Medicine between 1920 -1922 and then President of Royal College of Surgeons of England from 1923 to 1925 …Sir John continued to be keen on Zoology and in 1928 he became Vice President of ZSL … …. His autobiography was written in 1930 and he also wrote approximately 10 other books of which 2 were Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia (1911) and Men and Creatures in Uganda (1933) He passed away in December 1936
Sir John was also a Subscriber to Hamlyns Menagerie Magazine and he resided in Brook Street , Grosvenor Square
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