Edward George Boulenger FRS (1888-1946)

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Edward George Boulenger FRS (1888 – 1946) …. Mr Boulenger was a Zoologist and from 1911 Curator of the Reptile House a position he held for 13 years… In 1924 he became the long time Director of the London Zoo Aquarium (19 years) …. He resigned his directorship in 1943 …He was also Author of at least 10 books which are still sought after by Zoologists today … Mr Boulenger addressed many lectures over the years …
Born in London in 1888 and educated at St Pauls School which incidentally was where his famous Father George Albert Boulenger lectured … He got married in 1914 to Gladys Carre and they had one daughter in 1916… he travelled in his job New York in 1936 , Madeira in 1927 , Tangier in 1939 , The Americas in 1936 ….
In 1939 he was registered as living at Nursling House , Southampton , Hampshire
Sadly he passed away aged just 58 in Plymouth Devon in 1946
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