Cardiff Zoological Gardens , Victoria Park Zoo , Cardiff (1900-1941)

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Cardiff Zoological Gardens / Victoria Park Zoo , Cardiff ….(1900- 1941) In 1900 it was decided that a Zoological Gardens would be opened and in October 1900 the first building built was The Aviary . 2 Storks were installed in 1901 … Then came along 2 Monkeys and the Zoo Animal collection began … Further donations from Sea Captains (who used the busy Cardiff Port) such as Ostrich , Owls , antelope and Mongoose were made…In 1902 further discussions were had to formalise the Zoological Gardens … In 1905 the then Assistant Superintendent of London Zoo , Mr Arthur Thompson, went to Victoria Park to help identify animals and advise on suitable living accommodation for them … In 1906 the term Victoria Park Zoo was formally adopted … by February 1908 there were 58 Birds and Mammals at the Zoo ..A new scheme for 27 “homes” was approved at a cost of £308 and the works were completed by 1909
By 1911 a qualified Zoo Attendant was appointed
Up to 1914 the Victoria Park Zoo was coming on really well … but then war broke out … and then in 1918 there was major flooding in Cardiff The Park and the Zoo was badly affected some Animals Drowned … In 1927 another flood and more animals drowned …By 1935 the Zoo was in a neglected condition … In October / November 1941 the Zoo was disbanded as the land was required for food production … It is believed although not recorded officially that the animals were transferred to Bristol Zoo
Some of the other animals in this collection were Monkeys , Birds , Raccoons , Coati , Polar Bear, Sealion ( a statue to this is still in the park) , A Copincha ? (Argentinian Mammal) , Tortoises , Lizards , Foxes , Squirrel , Crocodiles , Armadillos and Porcupine (amongst others)
1st image 1905 The Aviary and 2nd image the Monkey House 3rd Image sealion in the Zoo ,
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