Marshall & Sons Oxford Street Zoo Gardens / Ripley Zoo , Derbyshire (1908-1915)

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Marshall & Sons Oxford Street Zoo Gardens / Ripley Zoo , Derbyshire (1908-1915) …. this establishment was started in 1908 by John Marshall who had moved to Ripley in Derbyshire in 1888 … He was trained as a watch repairer and soon opened a Jewellers Shop in Oxford Street (Ripley) , His wife Sarah ran a sweetshop … in between their 2 shops was an Archway and the Archway was cleverly developed to pass through the Middle of the 2 shops where Marshall & Sons Zoo Gardens was established .. The Zoo had a Monkey House, Aviaries of both British and Foreign Birds , Squirrels, Aquarium , Reptile House , Sealion , Raccoons , Lemurs , Kangaroo and a Bear Pit (bear called Little Roosevelt) (Also a Waxworks , Hall of Mirrors, Amusement Area and Museum)
The Zoo continued until 1915 but due to shortages of food for the Animals it was closed down
1st Image shows John Marshall (on the right ) and one of his 8 children John on the left on opening day 1908, 2nd image shows John Jr outside the Entrance , 3rd Image is the sign for the zoo 4th Image a group outside the Monkey House
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