Scarborough Zoo and Marineland , North Bay , Scarborough (1969-1984)

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Scarborough Zoo and Marineland , North Bay , Scarborough (1969-1984) … This establishment opened on 14th June 1969 and was run by Businessman Don Robinson who was also involved with Scotia Leisure , they owned other parks in Yorkshire too (Scotia Leisure that is) , It was set in 7 acres …. In 1976 it was reported that The Zoo specialises in Marine Mammals and visitors are conducted on a tour consisting of a series of shows …Firstly was 35 minutes with the Dolphins, Then a Chimpanzee Tea Party and a visit to the farmyard animals , followed by a Sealion performance and then a March of the Penguins … then a visit back to the Dolphin pool and capped off with a performing Chimpanzee … The tour lasted for approximately one and a half hours at which time visitors were free to walk around the rest of the Zoo … there were also Raccoons , Baboons , Dingos , Lions , Flamingos, An Elephant, Wolves, Bears, Llamas , Aviary Birds and a host of Fibre Glass Dinosaurs …. The reasoning given for the demise of the zoo was the increase in Bigger Regional Zoos around … The Zoo was transformed into Marvels Amusement Park and the Animals were sold on … Marvels eventually closed in 2002 and the site remains derelict to this day
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