Thorp Arch Zoo , Thorp Arch Estate , Wetherby , Yorkshire (1968-1971)

Image may contain: sky, basketball court and outdoor
Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature
This establishment was opened in 1968 on the Thorp Arch Estate which was originally agricultural land upon which was once home to a Royal Ordnance Factory …. The Zoo itself was run by Nick Nyoka ( real name Adrian Darley ) … presumably at the same time as he was in charge of Knaresborough Zoo … very little has been written about this Zoo but if Mr Nyoka was running it one would presume that there were Big Cats and Bears … the only reports I can see are that there were Puma , Polar Bear , Donkeys and Otters …. Other reports state that the Zoo was eventually closed due to several animal escapes one of which was a Puma that had to be shot dead as it was in a shopping High Street … A further report states that a fire at the Zoo caused the close down …. Around the Zoo from the Early 1960’s and especially around 1967 the Area became an industrial Estate and Shopping Centre and it still is today The Zoo was closed down in 1971
The actual site of the Zoo is possibly the playground area …
Another Zoo airbrushed from History books
The photos are from Thorp Arch Estate prior to Zoo and Industrial Estate / Shopping Centre being built
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