Jessops Nursery / Jessop Brothers Aviary and Gardens , St James Square , Cheltenham, Gloucestershire …. (1823- 1873)

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Effectively this / these establishments are 2 separate ones belonging to the same family … Charles Hale Jessop started his Nursery in 1823 and in 1833 was drawn to exotic animals and kept them on the 20 Acre Nursery … I have no idea what Animals were kept but definitely Birds and Curious Beasts from distant climes ? (Charles Hale Jessop did not charge an entrance fee for the public to view his collection)…. By 1843 his sons Josiah and Jesse opened up Jessop Brothers Aviaries and Gardens which was next door to the Nursery and they did charge an entrance fee to the public.
In 1844 the animals from the closed Park Estate Gardens were purchased (from the Gloucestershire Zoological and Botanical Gardens) …. In 1845 part of the Nursery was sold to the Great West Railway to form St James Railway Station in Cheltenham (since closed in 1966) ….
Problems hit the Nursery in July 1855 as there was a major flood in Cheltenham … Many of the Birds were drowned , The Nursery Greenhouses were destroyed , Crops and Plants were also destroyed after being immersed in 7 foot floods …. Charles Hale Jessop never got his finances in control again and in 1858 he was declared Bankrupt …. The very next year he passed away aged 62 …
The Jessop Brothers Aviary and Gardens had by 1863 Animals , Birds and Reptiles in their collection … By 1873 the gardens were put up for sale by the brothers …. Josiah passed away in 1881
The site of the St James Railway Station is now a supermarket …. Another Zoological / Animal Menagerie Airbrushed from the History books
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