Thorney Wildlife Park .Thorney Nr Wisbech , Cambridgeshire (1968/9- 1978) Approx

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This establishment was opened in 1968 / 69  by Fred Chapman along with Bobby and Tommy Roberts (Roberts Circus) … The collection kept here included Elephant , Giraffe , Bactarian Camels , Llamas , Red Kangaroo . Lions ,Leopards, Tigers , Bears , Polar Bears ,Hyena , Pumas , Rhesus Monkeys , Pig Tailed Macaques , Coatis , Raccoons , Exotic Birds , Wallabies and domestic farm animals ….In 1970 it was reported as being on 60 acres and still expanding…. By 1976 and 1977 books state that the Acreage was 45 acres … The Zoo was closed during Winter ….. In 1971 there was a fire in a part of the House that was overwintering Monkeys and 3 Monkeys perished in the fire … By 1978 approx the Wildlife Park had closed down

Image Fred Chapman , proprietor in 1975  and the Wildlife Park Guide

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