Matlock Bath Corporation Menagerie , Matlock Bath , Derbyshire (approx 1913- approx 1940) ….

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This Establishment was within Matlock Bath Pleasure Gardens …. In 1913 there were just Aviaries …. By 1925 Monkeys were added to the Gardens one year later the Monkeys were sold to Chapmans Animal Dealers .. The Cages remained empty until 1929 when 15 monkeys were purchased to fill the empty cages … Other animals at the Menagerie at this time included Lemur , Opossum , Macaws and other Exotic Birds …. In the summer of 1930 2 Canadian Black Bears were purchased for the Gardens but by December of the same year Mr George Mottershead had purchased the Bears for his new Chester Zoological Gardens (which opened the following year ) … The Corporation continued to purchase Monkeys right up until 1940 and with the advent of World War 2 all the buildings and Animals “disappeared ” and that was the end of this small Menagerie
Image 1 shows the Aviaries in the Gardens Image 2 shows the Aviaries and Monkey House
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