PineValley , The Devon Wildlife Park Ltd , Follygate , Okehampton Devon (1969-1975)

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This Establishment was opened on 7th July 1969 by Alexander MacKenzie and Mr R F Stallion … In 1970 Animals there were Fox , Badger , Civet , Genet , Several Species of Monkey , Himalayan Bear , Deer , Donkey , Sheep, Goats … Birds included Heron .Sarus,Cranes, Ibis , Stork , Pelican , Pheasants , Various Waterfowl , Eagles, Vultures , Cockatoos , Parrots , Macaws , Lorikeets and Parakeets … listed as being on 40 acres and 3 shillings to get in for adults …
In 1969 there had been 2 Himalayan Porcupine but these escaped …. The escape went unreported and the Porcupine bred in the Wild it took 10 years to eradicate these from the Area and even then sightings were reported up until 1991
In 1971 Mr MacKenzies 14 year old daughter had her arm attacked by the Bear …. It appears that she got too close to the cage In December 1971 it was reported that she was on the mend ….
The exact location of the Wildlife Park is difficult for locals today to even pinpoint and so at the time of when the Park was opened it may have been difficult to locate for visitors….
All in all Geoffrey Schomberg reports that the Wildlife Park was in its infancy in 1970 but there were great plans to develop much of the 40 acres …. He described it as a Small Mixed Collection…
Very little else has been written about the Wildlife Park . It has been noted that the Animal collection was very well cared for and when it was closed in 1975 the MacKenzie family found homes for all but  one Animal and that was the Bear ..
Some of the Wildlife Park buildings still remain today ….There are no known images of the Park and so I have placed a photo of a Himalayan Porcupine and Okehampton Town (Devon)
Another airbrushed Animal Collection
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