Hull Childrens Zoo , East Yorkshire … (1946-1951)

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This establishment began in early 1946 when the owner had shipped in 12 Himalayan Bears , 2 Leopards and 2 Elephants (mainly for other Zoos) …
By July 1946 a new company was formed by the owner called Raffiq Uddin Khan Limited (this was to be able to deal with Importation of Wild Animals) … The Managing Director was Raffiq Uddin Khan who had been in the Merchant Navy for 4 1/2 years ….
The Zoo was initially set up in West Park and by 1947 had moved to East Park ….
On 11th June 1947 there were 16 Monkeys , Parrots and a Python it was stated at this time that the Zoo will move to other Parks within the City and it was hoped that they were to add Bear Cubs and a Baby Elephant …
By July 1948 the Zoo was located at Pickering Park ….
By May 1950 the Zoo was known as Childrens Own Zoo and was located in 80-84 Lister Street … It was mainly a Pet Shop which had attached to it the Childrens Zoo with an admission price of 3d to enter …
By October and September 1950 Crocodiles , Porcupine and Tortoises had been added to the collection at the Zoo … But there were no other reports about the Zoo until the Company was wound up on 7th September 1951
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