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This establishment was set up in the grounds of Great Fosters Mansion…. I cannot be sure of the exact date it was set up but there was mention of it as a “Walk Through Sanctuary” in 1971 … and in 1970 a Vervet Monkey called Tiddles escaped
By April 1972 the advert attached appeared and states that there are Woolly Monkeys , Malayan Otters and Free flying Macaws
Very little is written about the Zoo and I have even contacted the current Hotel Owners who know nothing about its past
February 1987 it was reported that the Owner of the Zoo was attacked and bitten by a Celebes Macaque
February 1995 a Civet Wild Cat escaped but was found in undergrowth near to its cage
August 1996 the Proprietor was reported to be Mr Dave Robertson and there was a 7 week old Male Puma called Tye taken on by the Zoo
Great Fosters Mansion was owned by the Sutcliffe family from 1931 to 2018 when it was purchased by a Hotel group and the same Hotel Group still own it today..
I lived quite close to the Zoo but never visited it but it was known for its Woolly Monkey Sanctuary it’s such a shame nothing seems documented that I can find anyway
1st Image Advert for the Zoo from 1972 and 2nd image Great Fosters Mansion from 1960
For information on Zoos both existing and old ones join this facebook page
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