Links to useful pages

Please view all of these websites … if you are a Zoo Fanatic then they should all interest you

Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers “ABWAK is a membership organisation for those interested and involved in the keeping and conservation of wild animals, which seeks to achieve the highest standards of excellence in animal welfare through communication, cooperation, training and development.”

An excellent site devoted to Zoos around the world

Smithsonian Institute Library …carries interesting information about Zoos of the World

A lively and interesting Zoo Forum

Zoological Society of London Library a wealth of information

A wonderful site that has so many images of Zoo Guides to help buyers and sellers ascertain a date for a particular guide

The Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society … Another organisation that could be well worth joining …

The Bartlett Society …one of my inspirations for setting up my own webpage …excellent Historical Information contained within … original founder was Clinton Keeling

Natural History Museum at Tring built in 1889 by Walter Rothschild and dedicated to history of Zoos 

Below we have one of Paul & Lynsey’s Zoo Tours on you tube … I recommend that you view as many as you can as it is gives you a flavour as to what some of the Zoo Collections are like

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