Zoo Marketplace

Here in the Marketplace Buyers or Sellers can advertise their items for sale Zoo or Circus related….Or if you have wants lists you can also advertise here… No livestock is to be advertised …Generally the idea is to sell your Books , Zoo Guides , Circus Programmes or any other items related to Zoos or Circuses…Your advert has to be no more than 30 words excluding your contact details .. £1.50 per advert … in order to advertise I will need you to send me by email your advert in the following style “For sale 1956 London Zoo Guide , price wanted £5 ono … your contact details ” Also within your email to me I will need your name and express agreement for me to hold your information in order to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (UK regulations) . The Advert will run for 10 days  for each £1.50 ….. if you wish to run it for 20 days it will cost £2.75 and £4 for 30 days etc  when you contact me please advise how long you would like your advert to run and forward the appropriate fee… I will not publish your email address on the Website for obvious reasons  but obviously once an agreement has been made for a purchase or a sale I will ,with your agreement, pass over details … 

I would highly recommend when selling or buying items you gain maximum protection for yourself by using a site like Paypal who will offer you protection should there be any dispute with your Buyer or Seller as we are only middle agents .


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